Sky’s The Limit

sky's the limitGeneric picture of clouds.
Funny story that goes with this picture, but I’m afraid that’s a story for another day.

Appropriate ted talk, seeing as we are rapidly approaching a new 30 day chunk of time, a month.

30 Day Challenge
I’m brainstorming what I could do, keeping in mind that November means Thanksgiving, meaning food, meaning choose your challenge wisely. God forbid we challenge ourselves too much by eliminating cheese from life for 30 days. No no no nononooonoo thank you.

My ideas include:
Playing the piano everyday for a month (because I “do” youtube tutorials and am horrible at them)
Photoshop – same idea as piano
Illustrator – same idea as photoshop
Wake up before 8 everyday, but ughhh it’s so plain jane, and I get really unpleasant when I’m sleep deprived
Pizza everyday for 30 days. I’m only half joking
Name something I’m thankful for everyday & do my post about it (in the spirit of Thanksgiving & killing 2 birds with one stone)
Go back to eating meat ha. just. kidding.
Let my phone stay broken. My phone only lets me answer calls, so letting it be for a month… meaning go without my instas and tweeting and witstreaming and texting and talking and most importantly picture taking. ‘twould be a real challenge

For the few people who read my blog (Mom) please help me decide

Day 94


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