I Read Things

De Soto

Initially, I approached this task with not one shred of enthusiasm ie. it is required for a class I am in, & therefore am only reading it because we have a quiz about it tomorrow.

However, I have (begrudgingly) begun to read it today & it is actually very interesting, and so I youtubed it to speed along my learning (I’m lazy) & this is the clip I found & I think that is mildly intriguing and worth sharing, because I’m just that kind of person (scholarly).

Summary of it: Poor people in the 3rd world chunks of the globe aren’t lazy/incompetent. They just don’t have the right structure/law/rules to create/capture their wealth.  I think that is the overall gist of it….


Also. I just found this very interesting (how can a ted talk not be) video that goes perfectly with what De Soto discusses


Day 84


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