Memorial of the anonymus author of the Gesta Hungarorum in BudapestsVajdahunyad Castle



(Anonymous = The Most Glorious King Bela’s Chronicler)

Had no idea what this statue was for when we encountered it. I thought it was a very cool/ creepy monument & I had every intention of looking it up when I got back to ‘Murica, but I only just got around to it.

So I googled it & basically this is the gist of the situation:

“The Most Glorious King Bela” would have been a Hungarian King named Bela (not sure which Bela, because there are King Bela I, II, III, IV, & V to choose from. But, according to a most distrustful source (Wikipedia), it was probably King Bela II or III that we are talking about, who reigned in 1131-41 & 1172-96 respectively)  and the person being memorialized with this statue was the King’s chronicler & unknown author of the Gesta Hungarorum – (in English, The Deeds of the Hungarians). ie. He wrote down the early history/achievements of Budapest/Hungary for the King. Probably sometime in the 1100’s. No biggie.

The reasons for ANONYMVS is that (wait for it) the chronicler was ANONYMOUS. Nobody knows who this guy was, but he was significant enough to be given a statue in 1903. Fascinating. It only took 800 years give or take a few for this guy to get his fame. This gives me hope.

Also if writers need inspiration they go up and touch his pencil/writing utensil to be inspired & get some good luck. Which reminds me of how we do the exact same thing at THE Ohio State Univ. with our statue of Thompson in our library.

Day 61


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