Our lovely ceiling again. And our demon light fixture. This is in the middle of our kitchen, which does not have a kitchen table, just chairs lining the walls. We also don’t have a trash can, which is fun. This is sounding like the beginnings of another rant… so I’ll stop. …Except it is kind of a rant.

I have never noticed that one of the four lightbulbs is opaque. I hate this light bulb situation (not because of the opaque little guy), along with lots of other things I have mentioned about our apartment. The light these devils give off is so orange and harsh, almost caustic. Their lighting is unflattering on every single thing they touch. It’s like how Midas turned everything he touched into gold, except these lightbulbs turn it to ugly, and then * poof * into a pile dust. That’s how I feel about our kitchen lighting. I refuse to turn them on, except in the rare circumstances when I absolutely must (ie. drunchies / making it look like more people are home to deter rapists). My insistence on not turning on the light bothered my old roommates, naturally (I’m willing to acknowledge that not everyone is as manic as I. Of course they don’t like navigating the kitchen in semi-darkness. Or being startled by me lurking in the dark like the Shmegal/gollum creature from Lord of the Rings). I actually tried to compromise, and take out two of the lightbulbs once, you know, to minimize the harshness. To my horror, they were replaced within the hour.


Yes. That is me, pictured above, in our kitchen. Just gettin a late night snack.  So anyways, I’d be in the kitchen, most likely eating, and my roommates would turn the light…on. Ugh. This would send me down a path littered with so many emotions that I am just simply not equipped to deal with.  I would become frazzled. More importantly, my chi would be ruined for the day. Maybe I am delusional, or perhaps snobbish for thinking that natural light is the only light that I should ever be subjected to. But, I abhor the lighting in that kitchen and I will go to great lengths to avoid it.

Calm down, I don’t need to see a therapist, we just need to get different lightbulbs. Or none at all. Natural light makes everything better. Not the beer. NOT. The. beer. 

Day 52 of 365


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