Dog Whisperer


This sweet pup spreading


in the oval.

When I see a dog while walking to class/anywhere, I will walk across traffic to get to it. It’s fine. Until I get hit by a car/bus/biker/squirrel/hipster (all of which are plausible things to be hit by/collide with on any given day here – Our bus drivers are insane).

One recent sunny Friday afternoon, I spotted from afar, this golden retriever cutie grazing in the shaded grass at the oval. I made a beeline right for him, ignoring the various oval beachers and games of football, quidditch (yep), and frisbee. After what seems like ages, I finally am at the puppie. The girl holding the leash sees the insanity in my eyes and is immediately on the defense ( no, she was actually extremely friendly). As luck would have it, the little angel was there for the sole purpose of letting people/crazies (Monica’s) come up and say hello/fall in love (which I did). He was part of a campaign, that I shamefully do not know the name of, to spread happiness around campus (Hence the smiley face he is wearing). Mission accomplished, and then some. I walked to class grinning like an idiot over that cute little nugget.

It’s the little things.

Day 50 of 365

but let’s be real, I love puppies everyday of the year.


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