Windows Reflect Things

Cloud reflections

The beautiful reflection of the clouds & sky on the new building on campus. This building has been in the process of being built for probably over a year ( I think it is going to be another physics or aviation building, but I don’t know). When I came back from summer break, they had made a ton of progress (one would hope so) & it actually looked like a finished structure. I did not expect this. The inside is not done yet, but the outside looks wonderful. Anyways I walk past this side of the building almost everyday & the reflections of whatever the sky is doing always provide a new and interesting view. I generally feel like a child staring up at whatever reflection is happening every time I walk by, but that’s fine. This awesome view is just one of the many reasons I think people should quit staring down at their cell phones while they walk around the campus (& elsewhere). If your face is buried in your phone constantly, you’re missing the things around you. <rant>Besides, it makes our community look like a bunch of anti-social morons when everyone’s heads (minus a few) are bent down over their phones everywhere they walk, which unfortunately is the case at my school. </end rant>

DAY 35 of 365


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