Covent Garden


When I was at Covent Garden, in London, I went into this perfume shop, L’Artisan Parfumeur (it’s French). They had this one perfume that I became obsessed with. For some tragic reason only sell in the London & Paris locations, but not online. Seeing as London was my second stop of about nine… I figured I should maybe not buy a bottle of perfume and carry it around on the rest of my travels since I had a gypsy (small) suitcase. The saleslady was awesome & she talked to me for the longest time & made me smell probably 20 different perfumes. When she told me I couldn’t buy the one I was obsessed with online I started sobbing. I then proceeded to douse myself in the fragrance from head to toe to try & make it last the rest of my trip. It didn’t. Anyways the whole area that is Covent Garden is very neat and there are lots of similar little shops. There were bands playing outside & some magician doing stuff in the square. This photo is of the people watching him. I like the two ladies sitting on the wooden box.


DAY 13 of 365


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