I Shouldn’t Be Alive


I love the grass in this picture- it looks so LUSH. This was taken at the very beginning of an amazing hike in Acadia National Park. Our hike began at the Abbe Museum/Wild Gardens area. I wanted to find the Sieur de Monts Spring (we never did). My brother and I got lost and ended up hiking for like 3 hours instead of the 30 minute trail we wanted. However, I am happy we ended up on a much longer hike because the trails we found were awesome/breathtaking/etc. There was this huge rocky ravine (except I googled ravine and this is definitely not the right term for whatever we hiked) /forested area with a creek running through it where we had to climb up these massive boulders for an hour at the very least. It was gorgeous. Although I did start to worry that we might end up on “I Shouldn’t Be Alive- Novice Hikers Lost in Maine, The Phil & Monica Edition” when I ran out of water. Did I mention it was 95 degrees in Maine when we were there….. Needless to say I was parched.

I chose the dramatic title for this post because I’m pretty sure no one reads my blog. Also it’s accurate – we almost died out there.

DAY 6 of 365


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